Get Your Roanoke Rental Property Show-Ready

Marketing your property well is only half the battle.
The next biggest challenge is – property showings.

Ensure that your Roanoke investment property gets the attention it deserves.

Prepare it for showings super-quickly with Lawson Realty Group.


Property Inspections

Get your Roanoke rental property assessed by the professional inspectors of Lawson Realty Group. We conduct routine inspections to evaluate your property and spot all significant repairs that need to be done before you start showing your place to potential renters.

Our team gets major issues fixed on priority, enabling you to meet your future tenant’s rental expectations.


Deep Cleaning & Decluttering

Nothing turns your potential renters away quicker than a badly-maintained, dirty rental property.

Don’t let dusty floors and messy rooms make a bad impression on your tenants.

At Lawson Realty Group, we deep clean your Roanoke property after your previous tenants move out to ensure that it is clean and spotless.

Our team can also help you declutter the house and set it up aesthetically.

Handling Decor & Upgrades

Property upgrades are a must to boost its longevity and increase its curb appeal for your potential tenants.

Our experts carefully analyze your home and suggest renovations depending on the condition of your property and your budget.

With our strong network of local contractors in Roanoke, we can provide quality decorating services at affordable prices.

Maintenance & Repairs

We, at Lawson Realty Group, are prompt in providing property maintenance services. Our philosophy is to get the issue resolved when it is in control, rather than wait for it to grow and become a major expense.

We also have preventative maintenance strategies in place to handle repairs proactively and take care of the upkeep of your Roanoke Property.

Home Staging

Property showings are an excellent way to help tenants visualize your property as their home. Staging presents the house in its best light and can get it rented faster.

Our professional managers understand the aesthetics of your house and focus on highlighting the unique features of the place. We also creatively accentuate those features to make your property memorable.

Enhancing the Curb Appeal of Your Roanoke Rental

Team up with Lawson Realty Group to improve the curb appeal of your Roanoke property and create a lasting impression on future renters.

We help you clean up the yard, wash the exterior, trim the hedges, mow the lawn, install lights, security cameras, and other fixtures, and add all the necessary amenities required to spruce up the place.

What Sets Lawson Realty Group Apart As a Trusted Roanoke, VA Property Management Company

Making your property showing-ready may sound challenging until we step in. Experience the comfort of systematic and hassle-free rental showing management with us.

We have effective strategies in place for handling every step in the process ranging from creating attractive ads to arranging detailed in-person property tours.

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Strategic Marketing & Advertising Techniques

At Lawson Realty Group, our goal is to lower the vacancy rate and maximize the income from your Roanoke rental property.

With our trend-conscious, effective marketing strategies and tools, we ensure that your property draws the attention of the area’s best-qualified tenants.


  • Listing property on popular websites with proper pricing, high-quality photos, excellent staging, and proactive follow-up

  • Running online marketing campaigns on social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn

  • Using offline marketing strategies like word of mouth, referral programs, seminars, print material, and collaboration with local businesses

State-of-the-Art Showing Technology

Join hands with Lawson Realty Group and let us do the rest. We make use of cutting-edge software to plan and organize property showings at an optimum pace.

We also provide all types of services related to property showings, ranging from

  • Regular upkeep and maintenance

  • In-person showing

  • Periodic property assessment

  • Pre-screening of interested applicants before showings

  • Regular follow-up communication

  • Promotion of rental properties

Employ our innovative property management services to streamline property showings and find the best tenants for your Roanoke rental.


In-Person Rental Property Tours

Once your prospective tenants fix the date for property showing, we make every effort to make their experience memorable.

We have a comprehensive set of services, specifically designed for in-person property tours that include


  • Improving curb appeal to make it inviting and presentable for tenants upon arrival

  • Pre-screening prospective tenants to protect landlords against Fair Housing Laws

  • Calling and confirming the scheduled tour a few hours before the showing

  • Setting the temperature to make your renters comfortable upon arrival

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