Inspections and Reporting - Protecting Your Roanoke Rental Property

A well-maintained rental property in Roanoke is a valuable asset. When your property
is in good condition, you can expect higher rents, lower vacancies, and successful,
long-term tenancies.

One major part of our maintenance plan is the inspection. We inspect before a tenant moves in, after a tenant moves out, and at least once during the lease period.

Move-In Inspections

The purpose of a move-in inspection is to ensure the property is ready for occupancy and also to document the condition of the home before a tenant takes possession.

We take careful notes. We follow our inspection checklist. We document property condition with hundreds of photos.


Move-Out Inspections

Like the move-in inspection, we do a careful and complete evaluation of the property condition after a tenant vacates. This is to protect you from paying for repairs that the tenants should be held accountable for. They’re responsible for anything beyond normal wear and tear, and our inspections reveal what they’ve damaged or destroyed.

Maintenance Inspections

Deferred maintenance is deadly to both your property and your ROI. Let’s avoid all that. When you partner with Lawson Realty Group, you can count on frequent inspections for unreported repair issues or potential future problems.

We want to make small, simple repairs – not large, costly repairs.

Documenting & Reporting

We’re never going to bother you when decisions can be made by your experienced, professional Roanoke property management team. But we want you to be informed. So, we provide detailed inspection reports with hundreds of photos. You always know where your property stands.

Managing Repairs

Sometimes, an inspection reveals that part of your rental home needs attention. Maybe it’s a simple tightening of a handrail, new batteries in the smoke detector, or an appliance that seems to be leaking. Maybe it’s an HVAC system that needs further inspection. We’re ready to respond.

Recommending Updates

It’s not only maintenance that protects your property and your bottom line. It’s also the occasional update, upgrade, or improvement. Simple, cost-effective things that can help your property stand out on the rental market and bring in additional rental revenue. We make these recommendations to you.

Protect Your Roanoke Investment Property by Partnering with Lawson Realty Group

How do we stay on top of inspections, repairs, and emergency responses?

We prioritize these functions of our property management services.

With three full-time maintenance technicians who are licensed and insured, we can send knowledgeable professionalism to your property when work is needed.

At requested and scheduled inspection periods, we check the interior and exterior of your property and provide a full report, including pictures.

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Holding Tenants Accountable

The inspections managed by Lawson Realty Group are about more than maintenance. It’s also our opportunity to get a look at your property and evaluate the way your tenant maintains it.

We check for cleanliness. We make sure there are no pests, no trash, no concerns.

We look for lease violations and address them immediately with your residents.

Avoiding Deferred Maintenance

Inspections save you money.

When we have a constant and consistent understanding of your property condition, we can:

  • Plan for preventative service

  • Avoid emergency repairs

  • Recommend upgrades

Maintaining your home is cheaper, and a lot less frustrating.


Compliant Rental Properties

Our inspections ensure your Roanoke investment property is compliant with all habitability and safety standards as well as any state, local, and federal laws. We check the smoke detectors and the carbon monoxide detectors. We switch out air filters.

Any issues that would make your property unsafe or not ready for occupancy are immediately addressed.

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