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Avoid Online Rental Scams

The days of advertising your listing in the local paper and meeting the prospect face to face are disappearing fast. As we adjust to the online world it’s importance to conduct business cautiously. We have put together some general information on the most common rental scams, most of which we have encountered in some form or fashion.

Generally, avoiding rental scams just requires a little common sense. The old adage, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”, is a good rule of thumb to follow. While following a few safeguards can help you stay out of harm’s way, if you are overly cautious, you may lose some great prospects.

Tips: Common Sense Guidelines to Avoid the Scam:

  • Exercise caution with International renters (particularly those with no local intermediary)
  • Never accept over payments
  • Give all forms of payment time to clear before you turn over possession
  • Qualify your leads: investigate from the initial contact
  • Scan online listings to make sure yours hasn’t been hijacked
  • Meet the renter whenever possible