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There are a ”hundred and one” things to do when it comes to renting your property. From major modifications like adding a fresh coat of paint to something as trivial as putting out bath soaps during a showing, there are dozens of factors that influence potential renters.

In fact, it is safe to say that the entire process of renting out your property can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what exactly to do next. You need to analyze the market thoroughly and ensure that your Roanoke rental property is desirable enough to appeal to potential tenants.

Here are a few ways in which you can make your Roanoke property rent-ready.

1. Inspect The Property Thoroughly

The most important part of making your house rent ready is assessing its overall condition. Renters prefer a well-kept and maintained house than one in a rundown state and hence, it is important to identify any existing issues with a comprehensive inspection and improve the state of the property. Here is what you should focus on during an inspection

  • Conduct a detailed inspection of the interior of the house

The interior of the house is where people spend most of their time, so it needs to be pleasant and airy. Before you put the house on the market and start looking for tenants, make sure you examine if the windows and doors are firm, the lights and HVAC systems are working, and the surfaces are free from scratches, dents, and stains. All rooms, in addition to the bathroom, must be examined for mold and cracks, and repaired if necessary. Check for popping tiles, excess moisture-retention, or decay in the furniture, as it may invite termites.

  • Inspect the exterior in equal detail

Flaked paint, damaged roof, unclean windows, clogged gutters, congested parking, unclean garage, and an unkempt backyard and front yard can form a really bad impression and make you lose potential renters. So, before your house is listed on the market, ensure that you inspect the exterior of the property in detail and make the necessary improvements to enhance its curb appeal.

2. Repair, Replace, and Renovate As Your Roanoke Rental Requires

Natural wear and tear are a part of life in real estate. Nevertheless, it is necessary to repair, replace and renovate the property and its features to keep up with the current market trends and appeal to potential tenants. Here are a few things you can do – 

  • Make structural repairs to make your house rent-ready

It is normal for a house to go through signs of normal wear and tear. However, if these signs are excessive to the point where they affect the property value, then you must fix them as soon as possible. This includes damage to the foundation, cracks in the chimney, damaged roof, and walls and ceilings with seepage.  

  • Replace broken doors & windows

A house is supposed to provide maximum safety to those who reside in it. Therefore, it is necessary to check if your windows and doors close all the way and whether the locks function properly. Replace the old, rusted, and inefficient locks or latches with secure and advanced ones to ensure maximum safety for the tenants.

  • Perform necessary repairs in the plumbing systems

Ensuring a functional and intact plumbing system for the Roanoke property is the responsibility of every landlord. Before your house is on the market, it is essential to clean drains, fix the leakage issues, replace corroded pipes, check the faucets, and ensure that everything is in working condition.

  • Ensure that the electrical connections and installations are in good condition

Electrical installations might sometimes pose a risk if not maintained or inspected frequently. To avoid mishaps, you should check if all electrical outlets are safe to use. You should also replace any frayed wires and insulate the ones that are exposed. Change the lightbulbs that are burned out, and fix power sockets that are non-functional or loose.

  • Make necessary renovations before renting the Roanoke rental

Renovating necessary areas of your rental can be immensely beneficial in reducing maintenance costs and improving the aesthetic appeal. The kitchen area, as well as the carpet of the house, undergo continuous usage. Therefore, it is essential to renovate them and opt for new installations. Likewise, curtains, cabinets, as well as walls of the house can also be refurbished and painted anew.

3. Clean The House Inside-Out

Every potential tenant prefers a house that is clean and move-in ready. Dust accumulating on surfaces of the furniture, window panes, and appliances, stains on the carpet or in the kitchen, and messy common areas can create a negative impression on your prospects and make the space look unhygienic. 

Ensure the house and the items inside are dust-free, the window glasses and covers are stain-free, and the lawn does not have any litter. It is also important to focus on keeping the garage, yard, and parking spaces clean. Check for water accumulation in the lawn as it can attract insects and pests.

4. Don’t Forget Your Basement and Garage

The basement and garage areas of the house are some that rarely see regular usage like other rooms. Since they are primarily used for storage, these rooms can be most prone to dust-related damages and pest infestations. The garage and basement must feature sufficient space, have proper ventilation to avoid dust buildup, and be cleaned and maintained properly. You can also consider converting your basement into a workspace or a den for better space utilization.

5. Examine if Appliances are in Functioning Order to Make Your Roanoke House Rent-Ready

The appliances in your rental are a key feature that potential tenants expect to be in working condition. Therefore, it is essential to examine and repair the ones that don’t work well. The oven, microwave, washer, dryer, and water heater are some of the most commonly preferred appliances by tenants. Ensure that these are in proper working order before renting the property. If any maintenance is required, make sure that it gets done well before move-in day.

6. Decorate The Interiors

While it might seem like a good choice to leave the house empty for potential renters to check out, it can also make your rental appear too big and gloomy and lose its appeal. Decorating the interior of the house can help in beautifying its appearance and can also attract tenants. The décor must focus more on enhancing the house’s best features while also keeping it easy to maintain. Repainting, adding indoor plants, curtains, and attractive light fixtures can instantly uplift the appearance of the unit and make it rent-ready.

7. Add Amenities That Roanoke Renters Commonly Require

Renters are always on the lookout for a home that features additional amenities such as a modern kitchen, stainless-steel appliances, and other gadgets. You can also think of providing a stable internet connection, which tenants currently prefer. Additionally, including more closets and storage space, units like storage rooms or balconies, and stocked up toiletries can help you stand out from the competition. 

8. Increase the Curb Appeal with Landscaping

The curb appeal of your property can make or break the impression of your house for tenants. Landscaping can help you make the property look more attractive and move-in ready. Keep it clean and well-trimmed. Plant native and low-maintenance shrubs so that renters can easily take care of them. Also, make sure that you have a well-lit entrance, a clean parking spot, and good garbage disposal to make it more rent-worthy.

9. Create A Comprehensive Lease Agreement

An important thing to consider as your property becomes rent-ready is to draft a comprehensive lease agreement. The agreement should cover an in-depth description of the rental property. It should also clearly highlight the landlord-tenant maintenance responsibilities, inspection clauses, rent details, pet policy, and damage liabilities, among other things. Consult a professional property manager to create a customized lease agreement that covers all the essentials and then some, for your Roanoke investment property.

10. Get Landlord’s Insurance

A tenant may not necessarily take care of your house in the same way that you do. To protect yourself from the financial damages that you may potentially incur after renting out your property, opt for landlord’s insurance. This insurance covers any damage to the property done by the tenant or in case of mishaps like fire or natural disasters.

11. Consider Hiring a Professional Property Manager

Property ManagementKeeping track of these various steps of getting your Roanoke property rent-ready can be tiring if you do everything yourself. To avoid missing any crucial concern, consider hiring a professional property manager. They can guide you through this process with their skill and experience and also help you maintain a comprehensive checklist for making your house rentable in an organized manner.

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