Comprehensive Property Analysis For Your Roanoke Investment

We provide a thorough property analysis, including evaluating the
various components of property investment and identifying possible
scenarios for positioning your asset. Partner with us to determine
your Roanoke investment’s overall viability and potential.


Gathering All The Relevant Information

Our property analysis process starts with gathering all the relevant information. This includes the details of your property, such as the number of units, square footage, design, and more. We also consider the financials, such as the total purchase expenses for your investment, mortgage payments and loan information, income, and expenses, including total profits and money spent on a property. With all the right insights, we can help you establish the right price for your investment.

Researching the Local Real Estate Market

We at Lawson Realty keep ourselves updated about the current market trends, frequently changing government policies, and other factors, such as demographics and geographic and socio-graphic data.

We understand the composition of the population around the area, interest rates on the mortgage, economic indicators such as employment data, the GDP, manufacturing activity, the prices of goods, and governmental policies and subsidies to determine changes in supply and demand.

Our team can also help you declutter the house and set it up aesthetically.

Analyzing The Competition In The Area

There needs to be more than just knowing the current market trends for investors to assess a rental property accurately. It is crucial to compare your investment with other similar properties in the area to see how well they perform.

After gathering insights about your property and conducting thorough market research, we compare your property with the other comparable properties in your neighborhood in terms of age, size, condition, proximity to transport, and type of property to which properties have the highest return potential in a market.

Assessing The Rental Property

Ensuring that your rental stays market-ready for the long-term is essential to make it perform well in the market. We understand this fact and offer free, no-obligation rental property assessments with our highly experienced team of professionals. Our assessment includes rental valuation on your property, advice on property conditions.
And renovations and upgrades recommendations.

Checking Financial Performance

Property analysis is incomplete without evaluating its financial performance, which is necessary to make an informed decision and maximize the return on your investment. We measure cash flow, total investment costs, property buying expenses, net operating income, cap rate, and current market value to determine the rental strategy applicable to your Roanoke investment.

Deciding The Rental Value

After doing all the research and rental market analysis, we set a price range worth your Roanoke investment. We consider all the factors that affect the market value of your property and the selling prices of the comparable homes on your list and divide that price by their square footage, determining where your property falls within the established price range.

Custom Property Management Proposal, Tailored To Your Rental Needs

We understand your requirements to chart out a custom growth plan that enables you to make maximum profit on your investment in Roanoke, Virginia.

Once we gather insights about your property and conduct thorough market research, we develop a competitive proposal for rental rates that are both appropriate for your asset and market-consistent.

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All-Inclusive Property Management Proposal

We don’t offer the same property management proposal to all our clients. We first understand your rental requirements and create customized property management that suits your needs and budget. This includes

  • Marketing your property to increase the visibility of your rental and attract potential tenants
  • Inspecting and regularly maintaining your unit to increase its longevity
  • Drafting a comprehensive lease agreement including all the clauses and legal standards

Once we present our proposal, we give you all the time you need and only contact you when you ask us to. Once you express your readiness to proceed with our services, we will aggressively market your property.

Roanoke Property Management Services with a Client-First Approach

We at Lawson Realty provide complete services for property management with 100% devotion, years of expertise, and a high level of professionalism.

Our decades of experience allows us to understand the unique rental needs of our clients and provide personalized property management solutions to boost the value of your assets.


Areas We Serve

We offer complete property leasing, management, accounting, and inspection services in many areas of Roanoke, including
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